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While the Jamaican weather is beautiful at almost every time of year, it is very difficult to enjoy without being out in the sun! Why stay inside or indoors when you can cruise around town in a hot and newly owned vehicle?

Drive in style as JLR Caribbean has a fantastic selection of new and used vehicles for you to choose from. We have plenty of choices that can fit a variety of needs.

If you’re new to the area or a long time Jamaican native you will absolutely love what we have to offer.

Tips & Tricks To Purchase a Used Car


Buying your kid, a first electric ride on toy is a very exciting moment for both child and parent. For younger children, it is when they are ready to transition from simply pushing toys to actually riding them around the house. The key to choosing the right electric car for your kids is to match your child’s interests. What type of car do they want, what features does the car have, the colour, and much more. If you are new to the kid’s electric cars and you are seeking some advice on which car is suitable for your child, then this is the perfect guide for you.

There are many factors to consider when buying an electric ride on toy. These include:

  • Weight limits 

Your child weight is the best indication of whether the car you are buying is appropriate or not. Most electric cars suit different weight limits depending on your child’s age. It is best to choose a vehicle that has an upper weight limit for when your kid starts growing.

  • Height limits 

Most ride-on toys are low to the ground. If the vehicle is too high for your child, they will not be able to get in and out properly. Being able to get in and out of the toy will give your child more confidence in using the car.

  • Age range 

There are many different ride-on toys available to buy on the market and all have different age limits. The age limits generally range from 2 up to 8 years of age.

  • The style of the vehicle 

There are so many different styles and types of electric ride on cars to buy on the market today. Some of these include cars, jeeps, motorbikes, tractors, scooters, quads, pickups, and much more. There are many different brands of cars available on the market to buy today these include Mercedes Benz, Volvo, BMW, Drifter, Ford Ranger, and many more. Your kids will love cruising around on one of these fabulous and luxurious electric ride-on toys.

Electric powered ride on toys 

All electric cars are battery powered in many different makes and models. The power source can range from 12 V batteries or 24 V batteries. The most common would be the 12 V which would be sufficient speed for any car. If your child is a first timer slow speeds are essential and for them to learn how to control and steer the vehicle properly.

There are many fancy and superb features in most electric cars on the market. Some of these include front headlights, MP3 player, USB, parental remote control, steering wheel, horn, safety seat belts, leather seats, boot, opening doors, opening bonnet, and so much more. There is so much to choose from when it comes to electric toys, a great selection of ride on toys for your children to enjoy cruising around in your home or in the outdoors.

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Most individuals know that they need insurance for their new car, but many do not research it as it should due to the excitement that comes with owning a new vehicle. Skimping over this aspect can cause substantial financial issues as soon as you leave the dealership. Car insurance is easily one of the most expensive purchases that people hope to ever use and while it is essential to buy the ideal coverage, insurance for new cars is always more expensive than insuring a 3, 5 or 7 years old model. In this read, we are going to mention a few things to keep in mind when shopping for insurance for cars and a few tips on how to keep the premiums in line.
It is always wise to shop for insurance coverage before you even start negotiating on a car. Of course, you should narrow down to the exact make and model you want, but keep the insurance costs in mind during this period as well. When you have narrowed down your vehicle selection, the next step is to look for the right insurance.
Waiting to purchase a car until you have sorted out your insurance preferences can save you hundreds of euros as some cars like sports cars tend to carry higher insurance rates. And while the cost might be affordable, it is vital that you consider the auto insurance as part of it. So, protect yourself, your vehicle and finances by simply considering the following tips.

Know How Long Your Insurance Will Cover Your New Car 

If you are replacing a car on your policy, normally, the coverage will extend to your new vehicle. It can be as short as a day or as long as two weeks an so, you should check before you purchase to know what it is instead of assuming you have coverage. Ideally, if you are not replacing a vehicle, then you may not have any coverage whatsoever.

Do Not Assume The Dealership will Handle the Paperwork 

The staff is not only usually busy, but it is not their duty to call and add a vehicle to your policy. If they take a look at your card and allow you to leave, it is because they are assuming that you have assessed and know that there is coverage under your policy. Also, if you are leasing or financing a car, keep in mind that the lienholder will mandate that you have liability insurance, as well as comprehensive and collision coverage. So, if you have liability coverage only, ensure that you have comprehensive and collision coverage included if you need it. It does not get added automatically.

Know What is Needed 

When purchasing a car, you not only need to know the cost of the vehicle but need to understand what insurance coverage, deductibles and limits you have to buy. For instance, lienholders normally ask for deductibles that are 600 Euros and below. If you are not certain in regards to this aspect, you should consult your insurance agent.

Liability Coverage is What You Usually Need to Drive on the Roads 

It is required that you have this type of coverage to pay for injuries or damages that you may be responsible for while driving around.

Cover Yourself with Collision Insurance 

Collision insurance protects your car from collisions on the road with other vehicles and objects. This is the primary reason why lienholders ask that you have the coverage as the car is still their asset.

If You Owe More than Your Car Is Worth, Gap Insurance is Mandatory 

Your new car will depreciate as soon as you drive off the dealership. There are many cases where owners have had their vehicles totalled right after purchase and owing more than their insurance covers. Gap insurance covers the difference between the value of the car at the time of its loss and what you still owe on it.

Personal Injury Protection is Ideally Important 

This type of coverage covers your medical expenses, regardless of fault in an auto accident. Again, ensure that you know what limits, deductibles and coverage you need to pick when shopping for insurance for new cars so that you can get the right quotes. Also, ensure you consult your agent in this regard.

Comprehensive Insurance is for Weather Related Damages 

If you live in an area that experiences floods or storms, it is a good idea to get comprehensive coverage. It is still a smart purchase even if you do not experience harsh weather. It protects you in case fire, vandalism or theft damage the car. Also, expect the lienholder to demand that you have comprehensive coverage so the car can be fixed or paid off if it is a complete loss.

Choose a Top Rated Insurer 

Of course, you will want to save money on insurance for new cars, but that is not just a matter of finding the lowest premium. Some insurance companies have lower premiums, but they end up costing you more by hassling the auto repair shops to cut corners, lowballing loss estimates and even forcing you to pay additional money for original equipment replacement parts. Some insurers even jack up premiums unfairly after an accident.

Take Advantage of Discounts 

Auto insurance companies tend to offer an array of modest, but completely worthwhile discounts that are based on a low-risk lifestyle. If they don’t mention them to you first, here are some you can ask about:
  • -drivers who have taken a defensive driving course
  • -students with good grades
  • -antitheft and safety equipment
  • -new drivers who have taken a driving course
  • -older drivers who have passed a refresher course

Maintain an Excellent Credit Score 

Most places allow insurers to utilise credit score as a factor when it comes to setting your premiums. So, ask your auto insurer if they do that. Regardless, it is essential that you check and adjust credit reporting mistakes. If your finances have been affected by a divorce, death of a loved one, medical issues or job loss, then you may want to ask your auto insurer for an exception. Here are some helpful tips for maintain a good credit score!
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Getting insurance quotes for cars does not have to be a difficult process. You should be able to find a couple companies that have these available. Some of them are going to be very expensive, whereas other quotes will lead you to products that will be very affordable. If your rates have recently gone up, and you need to switch over, you can find many motor policies that will be extremely reasonable. There are several things to consider before you switch over to any other company. You need to verify the company itself. Make sure that it has a good rating, and that there are many people that are recommending this company in the comments. The type of policy that you get is also important. To get car insurance quotes that is comprehensive and affordable here is what you need to do.

How To Get Your Car Insurance Quotes

Getting quotes for cars will begin with going online. You will search for companies that offer them individually. This means you will do a search for individual car insurance companies, go to their websites, and submit a request from each one. However, when you are looking for the vehicular cover, this might be a time-consuming process. You could find yourself spending hours just getting a few quotes set back to you. Instead, you should find a company that is currently offering some of the best deals.

Companies That Will Submit Your Information To Multiple Businesses

When you find these companies, you will quickly notice how easy they are to use. You will enter in your personal information, the type of car insurance that you would like to get, and then they will send you a quote within a few hours. Many of these companies are connected with several different businesses. Not all of them are going to be the same. By doing this, you can get more than 10 different quotes from reliable businesses that are currently offering low rates.

How To Evaluate The Quotes That You Receive

To evaluate the quotes that you will get back from these companies, you need to look at three specific factors. First, consider the premiums. Look at how much it is per month, and then see how much you will save if you are going to do this with an annual payment. Second, you need to understand how much money you need to pay out. This can sometimes be very high. After you have looked at that, you will then want to consider how much coverage you are actually going to get. There are different types of coverage that are possible. The more comprehensive it is, the more expensive it is going to be. After looking at all of this, you will be able to determine which one will be the best one out of all of the insurance quotes for cars that you have received.

Different Types Of Auto Insurance To Consider

On a basic level, you are going to have liability coverage. This is called third-party insurance. This is going to cover the basics. This will cover the damage that you may cause to other drivers, and will also cover the cost of damage to property. However, what it does not cover is any damage to your own vehicle. The second type is going to be third-party fire and theft coverage. This will actually repair your vehicle, and even replace it if it is stolen. If it is damaged by fire, the same applies. Finally, there is comprehensive car insurance. This is going to give you the widest level of coverage possible. This includes third-party damage, theft, fire, but on a much wider scale. You can even get a rental while your car is being repaired if that is what you need.

How To Make The Right Choice

Once you have evaluated all of the different policies, you will then decide on one that fits your budget. For example, you need to know how much the monthly premium is going to be and offset that with how much you are going to pay per month. Once you have done these calculations, you can find a very inexpensive policy, sometimes a comprehensive auto insurance plan, that is going to be perfect for your situation. People that have new vehicles almost always get the comprehensive coverage as it would be so expensive to come up with the money to pay for the damage to your car, and the damage that you may do to other vehicles.

How Quickly Can These Policies Be Put In Place?

Once you have obtained insurance quotes for cars, and you have chosen one, it can be activated within minutes. You simply have to have the application filled out, approved, and your payment needs to go through. After that, you are covered. If you would prefer doing this at an office, you will likely be able to find a couple businesses that are nearby. However, if you have received all of these quotes from different businesses, some of them may not be in your immediate area. They should have a website where you can fill out the application, submit that, and subsequently submit your payment once you receive approval.

How To Consider The Cost Of Each Policy

The cost of each policy is not determined by simply looking out the monthly or annual premium. You need to consider what you may have to pay out if you are actually in an accident. Most people can go through their life, for many years, with never having any type of accident at all. It’s only when it happens that you will have to come to terms with the type of auto insurance that you have purchased. If you have only the third-party, and you are in a large car accident, this could be extremely expensive. All of that money that you will have saved having the least expensive policy will suddenly seem like it was not that good of a deal. Had you been paying for comprehensive coverage, everything would have been paid for, and you would see the value of paying those higher premiums. This is what you need to consider when you are choosing one insurance coverage over another.

How To Evaluate The Companies That Are Offering The Insurance

You can usually find information about each of the companies that will send back an estimate to you. It shouldn’t take too long at all. This can come in the form of an official estimate of each business on websites that evaluate local companies. Another way that you can do this is to look at online reviews. If there are a substantial number of people recommending one particular company, then that is going to be on your shortlist. If you can find several of these, it will come down to deciding whether you want low or higher monthly or annual premiums.

After you have evaluated all of the policies, and you have chosen one, you can feel confident that you have made the right decision. It really is easy to locate these businesses that will offer you exceptional deals. If you do have extremely high insurance premiums right now, and you would like to lower them, this is the best way to find businesses that can help save you money. You may actually end up with lower premiums, with more coverage, by searching for insurance quotes for cars online. Although you could accomplish all of this by individually submitting requests for quotes, it is better to use the strategies that have been presented to get them as soon as possible.


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Looking to buy your next used car but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry; you’re in the same boat of plenty of other customers. Here are some of our main steps in figuring out what car to purchase and what car is right for you.

Tip #1 – Figure Out Your Budget
How much of your monthly budget can you afford to put towards your car payment? This question is vital, and honestly, the answer will greatly narrow down your choices. As a general rule of thumb, your monthly car payment should not exceed more than 20% of your monthly budget. If your budget is tight, you may even want to decrease this amount and spend even less money per month.

A thing to remember when purchasing a new vehicle is that a car may need a little bit extra TLC. Items like new tires, brakes, an oil change, and maintenance aren’t always immediately thought about when purchasing the vehicle.

Tip #2 – Check the Vehicle’s History
Without purchasing from the previous owner of the car, it’s hard to know just exactly what that current car has been through. Even then, how can one tell how many owners a vehicle has had without looking it up? There are plenty of free ways to look up a vehicle’s history online. Better yet, the dealership might already have that information ready for you.

If doing the research and information yourself, all you need to know is the vehicle’s information and identification number.

Tip #3 – Test Drive The Car
This is one of the most vital steps of purchasing any vehicle. Make sure that you first feel comfortable behind the wheel of any car that you’re looking to buy. You definitely want to find out if the vehicle is too big or small for your needs before you take it home.

When test driving a car for the first time, try to tune out any distractions. Make sure the radio is turned off and maybe even plan out a route around the dealership before you go.

How you feel physically is also essential. Do you feel safe when you drive? Is it easy to bump your head when getting in and out of the car? Do you feel like your back is bent in half?

Evaluate all of these little questions before moving along with your purchase.

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When you’re trying to purchase a vehicle, new or used, the entire process can certainly feel overwhelming. If you’ve owned a car before or if this is your first time you want to make sure that the car is purchasing is the best for you and your needs. Here’s a little bit more about good and bad practices to bring along with you when trying to purchase a car.

When Finalizing The Deal
Do – Inspect and test drive the car that you’re hoping to purchase. Make sure it’s the right size for you and that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. If you would like input while you’re driving, have the dealer go with you. If that makes you nervous ask if you can drive by yourself. Having the opportunity to test the vehicle out for yourself before you purchase the car is vital for your experience.

Do – Check out some of the competitor’s prices. Sometimes dealers will take quotes from other locations, and this is especially helpful when hoping to try and negotiate on the showroom floor.

Do – Take it one thing at a time. Nail down the price of the car before you try to see what you can get for a trade-in or financing.

Beware Of Extras
Do – Look into extras that you only absolutely need. A warranty may only be needed on cars with a bad reliability record. That being said around 45% of owners use their extended warranty for repairs on their car.

Do – Make sure to cross out any extras in the contract that you haven’t agreed to our aren’t willing to pay for. This will just cause complications in the future.

Do – Bring out your calculator or phone when mentioning financing. Double check the numbers and make sure that they work within your monthly budget.

It’s the Small Details
Do – Take the option of purchasing or paying off the down payment of a vehicle with your credit card. If your dealer happens to go out of business before you have the ability to pick up the car, then you can challenge the payment.

Do – Refuse to sign any forms where areas have been left blank. Even if this is a mistake on the dealer’s part, you don’t want anyone adding information or numbers later on. There have been cases where dealerships have been caught trying to falsify information.

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