When you’re trying to purchase a vehicle, new or used, the entire process can certainly feel overwhelming. If you’ve owned a car before or if this is your first time you want to make sure that the car is purchasing is the best for you and your needs. Here’s a little bit more about good and bad practices to bring along with you when trying to purchase a car.

When Finalizing The Deal
Do – Inspect and test drive the car that you’re hoping to purchase. Make sure it’s the right size for you and that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. If you would like input while you’re driving, have the dealer go with you. If that makes you nervous ask if you can drive by yourself. Having the opportunity to test the vehicle out for yourself before you purchase the car is vital for your experience.

Do – Check out some of the competitor’s prices. Sometimes dealers will take quotes from other locations, and this is especially helpful when hoping to try and negotiate on the showroom floor.

Do – Take it one thing at a time. Nail down the price of the car before you try to see what you can get for a trade-in or financing.

Beware Of Extras
Do – Look into extras that you only absolutely need. A warranty may only be needed on cars with a bad reliability record. That being said around 45% of owners use their extended warranty for repairs on their car.

Do – Make sure to cross out any extras in the contract that you haven’t agreed to our aren’t willing to pay for. This will just cause complications in the future.

Do – Bring out your calculator or phone when mentioning financing. Double check the numbers and make sure that they work within your monthly budget.

It’s the Small Details
Do – Take the option of purchasing or paying off the down payment of a vehicle with your credit card. If your dealer happens to go out of business before you have the ability to pick up the car, then you can challenge the payment.

Do – Refuse to sign any forms where areas have been left blank. Even if this is a mistake on the dealer’s part, you don’t want anyone adding information or numbers later on. There have been cases where dealerships have been caught trying to falsify information.